Russell Sage Gators @ Plattsburgh State Cardinals April 12th 2022

NCAA Division III Men's Lacrosse
jump shot
Photo By: 
Kyle Coryea

Plattsburgh State's Zach Gill (3) with the jump shot as he crossed across in front of the goal for the score. It would be the last nonconference game of the schedule as the Plattsburgh State Cardinals would host the Russell Sage Gators in Men's Lacrosse action. The game would start off good for the home Cardinals as they would have a 5-2 lead after the first quarter on the strength of goals from Stephen Kane, Kyle Rutland, Andrew Braverman, Zach Gill, and Donald Woods. In the second quarter, the Cardinals offense would come alive with a 7-0 quarter and take a 12-2 lead into the lockerroom on goals from Max Burgio, Donald Woods (second & third), Zach Gill (second & third), and John Eiseman (one & two). When the teams returned for the third quarter the Cardinal's offense would stay hot with a 5-2 quarter and take a 17-4 lead into the final quarter on goals from John Eiserman (third), Cam Morin, Donald Woods (fourth), Matt Trypaluk and Logan Vilardi. In the fourth quarter, the cardinals would let off the gas and have a 4-1 quarter on goals from Logan Jones, Zach Derhak (one & two), and Ryan Weaver as the Cardinals would secure the 21-5 lead. In the winning effort, the Cardinals would combine for 12 saves as they would go to 3-9 on the season. Gallery

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