Clinton County Fair Pro Rodeo

Lucky E Rodeo Company
bucking bronco
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Kyle Coryea

Bucky Mcealpine lay right back as he was getting bucked down the arena and would tie for the win with a score of 74. It would be the first Clinton County Fair Pro Rodeo in association with the Lucky E Rodeo the International Pro Rodeo Association (IPRA) and the American Pro Rodeo Association (APRA) on the opening day of the 2024 Clinton County Fair. It would be a good crowd as they would show off eight disciplines of action from the Rodeo with the Bareback and Saddle Bronc Bucking, Team Roping, Tie Down Roping, Steer Wrestling, Breakaway Roping, Barrell Racing, and Bull Riding. The night would start off the Bareback Riding and there would be a tie on the night at 74 between Bucky Mealpine and Matthew Smith. Then we would be onto the Team Roping the win would go to the brother duo of Chase and Shawn Quinn as they would have the only clean run of the night at 7.3. There would be no winner on the night in the Saddle Bronc as there would only be one competitor on the night and there would be no winner as he would get bucked off. Then it would be the newest aspect of the rodeo breakaway roping for the ladies and the winner would be Pepper Cook with a time of 3.6. Then we would have some wrestling at the rodeo as the cowboys would wrestle the steers and the winner on the night would be Coy Dyer with one of the slowest runs you will see for the win with a 28.1. Then it would be the Tie Down Roping and the winner on the night would be Trent Turner with the time of 9.8. Then the leads would hit the arena for the second time with the Barrell Racing and the winner would be April McMasters. Then to finish the night it would be the popular bull riding and there would be three riders on the night but no one could last the 8 seconds so there would be no winner. Now we will wait to see if the Lucky E Rodeo and the second Clinton County Fair Pro Rodeo will be back next year. Gallery

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