Versus Monster Truck Tour @ Saratoga County Fairgrounds June 8th 2024

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Stan Russell

2024 Versus Monster Truck Tour: Saratoga Night #2

Jesse Ciomo and Temperature Rising with the sidewalk as he hit the car stack during the two wheel skills competition for the win. It would be the second night of action from Saratoga County Fairground and the Versus Monster Truck Tour and with way better conditions the drivers would step up their game and the crowds would also come out by the hundreds for the show. It would be the same five trucks in action as the previous night with Gage Bursey and Excavator, Jordan Healey and Joe Fly, Joe Jenkins and Killer Bee, and Shawn Olben and Webslinger along with the Outlaw Quad Racers with Team New York taking on Team Carolinas. There would be a change in racing from the previous night as they would go back to the traditional straight-line drags and when the dust settled the winner would be Shawn Olben and Webslinger over Jesse Como and Temperature Rising as The weekend would end with Killer Bee and Webslinger getting a win. Then it would be onto the Two-Wheel Skills Competition and the winner would be Temperature Rising as he would balance it on two wheels after hitting the side of the car stack he and Killer Bee would get wins on the weekend. Then during the intermission portion of the show, it would be the Outlaw Quad Racing as once again it would be a 2-1 contest for Team New York but this time to finish off the third race it would be a relay race with only racers from each team on the track at a time. Then to finish off the show it would be the popular tailgate dragging axle snapping monster truck freestyle. We would start with Gage Bursey and Excavator and he would fly the track over the van stack on his third hit but when landed it would end him up in the shop as he would snap the rear tierod. Next up would be Jordan Healey and Joe Fly and once again the front-steering Germans would come up and bite him early in the run. Next up would be Killer Bee and Joe Jenkins and he would hit everything in sight and give the crowd their first donut of the evening to take the early lead in the contest. Then we would have Webslinger and Shawn Olben and he would give the truck everything it had but it would come up just short of Killer Bee. Then it would be time for Jesse Como and Temperature Rising to finish off the night the run would start slow but he would pick up with a donut and then give the crowd a great stoppie over the ramp and then finish off the run he would park it on top of the van stack after he added in some two-wheel balance skills to get the freestyle win on the night. The Versus Monster Truck Tour will take a couple of weeks off as they will return to action at the Penn Can Speedway on June 29th and 30th with Stone Crusher, Lumberjack, Crushation, Hooked, Excavator, and Towarseus Wrex. Gallery

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