Versus Monster Truck Tour @ Saratoga County Fairgrounds June 7th 2024

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Stan Russell

Versus Monster Trucks 2024: Saratoga Night #1 Highlights

Jor Fly and Jordan Healey go up and over the wheel of Killer Bee Joe Jenkins in the shutdown area in the first round race that would see Killer Bee get the win. It would be the opening night of the 2024 Versus Monster Truck Tour and it would come from you at the Saratoga County Fairground on the weekend of the Bellmont Stakes, but this would be a different type of horsepower as we would have 5 of the baddest monster trucks with Excavator Gage Bursey, Joe Fly Jordan Healey, Killer Bee Joe Jenkins, Temperature Rising Jesse Como, and Webslinger Shawn Olben along with the Outlaw Quad Racers with Team New York Vs Team Carolinas. The night would start with monster truck racing on a very unique crossover track and the finals would come down to Webslinger and Killer Bee with the win going to Killer Bee on a wet track as the rain would come in shortly after the event would get in. However, the rain would not dampen the crowd's enthuisement throughout the night. Then it would be the own monster truck skills competition and the trucks would do their best with the wet conditions and electrical issues that would come with the weather and the winner of the event would be Webslinger. Then for the intermission entertainment, we would have the Outlaw Quad Racing with Team New York defeating Team Carolinas 2 races to 1 on the night. Then to finish off the night it would be the Monster Truck Freestyle and it would be Excavaitor and he would do the best he could with the conditions and the broken front drive shaft. Then it would be Joe Fly but he was experiencing front steering issues all night and they would bite him again after the first hit. Then we would have Jesse Como with Temperature Rising and he would do what he could but was experiencing electrical issues on the run. Then it would be Killer Bee and Joe Jenkins and Killer Bee and he would give you the high flyer attack for the two minutes and finish the run with a discount. Then to close out the show it would be Shawn Oblen and the Webslinger and he would give you everything he got for the run but it would be cut short as he would knock the tire off the rim on the rebound of one of his high-flying attacks as for the competition Killer Bee would be the winner on the night. The Versus Monster Truck Tour will be back in action from the Saratoga County Fairgrounds tomorrow to finish off their weekend at the Fairgrounds. Gallery

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