Cardinal Classic Plattsburgh State Cardinals Vs Sage Gators November 20 2016

NCAA Division III Women's Basketball
leaning out
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Kyle Coryea

Plattsburgh State's Monique Jones (10) slides around the defender and lays it off the window for the score as part of 8 point night. It would be the Plattsburgh State Cardinals and the Sage Gators for the Cardinal Classic Championship. The Sage Gators would job out to the 18-10 lead after the first quarter. In the second quarter, the teams would be deadlocked at 13 and the Sage Gators would take the 31-23 at the half, When the teams came back for the second half the Cardinals would win the third 21-16 although the Gators would still lead 47-44. In the fourth quarter, the defenses would step up and the Gators would win the quarter 10-5. The Cardinals would fall short as they lose 57-49 in the losing effort Jax Miller would lead the way 17 points as they fall to 2-1 on the season. Gallery.

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